March 15, 2017

tED Magazine – Power Up Your eCommerce Efforts

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Here’s a truth that continues to grow in impact: to keep pace with the speed of business, reaching customers online is critical. To power a successful eCommerce initiative, high-quality product data is key, because it:

Increases your online search matches. Online search engines rely heavily on keywords provided in product descriptions. Detailed and complete product data will ensure your site ranks higher in organic search results, directing more customers to you.

Improves your web storefront’s navigation. The more information about various product attributes you provide, the easier it is for customers to find your products. Providing a comprehensive list of product fields facilitates browsing and searching, and increases visibility of your products online.

Creates a compelling customer experience. Accurate and comprehensive product information means your customers can be confident that they’re buying the exact item they need. This, in turn, guarantees fewer returns, mix-ups, and lost profits. When you provide a smooth purchasing experience, customers will return for repeat purchases, and continue to choose you over competitors.

When businesses build their eCommerce presence on the strong foundation of high-quality product data, they see increases in customer engagement, conversion, and sales. The industry has created a solution that equips distributors with standards-based, comprehensive, up-to-date product data and marketing content directly from your manufacturer trading partners: IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). The IDW is serving over 8,000 distributor locations and has the resources you need to power up your eCommerce efforts.

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