December 17, 2008

Ten Years Old, Another Year Wiser: IDEA’s 2008 Recap

Over the past 10 years, IDEA has played a crucial part in the growth and efficiency of the electrical industry. From day one, the mission was to transmit standardized, accurate product information between manufacturers and distributors. Among those values, is moving the industry forward. Under new leadership and a more focused strategic plan, IDEA is constantly working to achieve the mission of its early visionaries. Take a quick recap of 2008:

  • Industry celebrated 10 Years of IDEA (1998-2008)
    • IDEA E-Biz Forum 2008 reached record-breaking attendance and participation
    • Founding members and current customers celebrated at IDEA’s 10 Year Anniversary Gala held in conjunction with the Forum

  • Conducted a strategic plan for 2008-2011 with the IDEA board of directors – new mission and vision developed
    • New IDEA Mission: To drive costs out of the electrical supply chain as the electrical industry’s standards-setting, data synchronization, and eCommerce service provider.

  • The Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and Industry Data Exchange (IDX) departments merged
    • Grew IDEA customer base by 42 companies
    • IDW contains over 1100 manufacturer brands to date (over 2M SKUs)
    • Milestone VAN traffic of 6.9M kilo characters reached in October 2008
    • 10 year data share agreement ended in July 2008, IDW data sourcing project will continue through 2009
    • IDX completely overhauled with new virtual servers ensuring 100% IDX uptime
    • New IDW security monitoring code implemented to ensure IDW content is safe and protected from unauthorized access

  • Developed IDEA Standards as a standalone business unit
    • Revamped IDEA Standards Committee (ISC) charter and restructured committee
    • New EDIPro transaction released (1 total) and EDIPro 4010 transactions revamped (4 total)
    • Published “Purchase Order Best Practice for Special Circumstances” and “Unit of Measure” white papers
    • Developed guidelines similar to EDIPro for the European EDI standard – EDIFACTPro transactions (3 total)
    • Created electronic registration and voting process for ISC
    • Developed XML standard for attributed data

  • Implemented data synchronization awareness and educational campaign
    • Published “Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Data Sync”
    • Released data sync educational webinars based on four roles (IT manufacturer, IT distributor, business manufacturer and business distributor)
    • Implemented data sync mentor program
    • Three cover stories in 2008 – Electrical Wholesaling –January and December issues, TED Magazine – September issue
    • 16 traceable articles in trade publications and two new case studies

  • Grew IDEA Industry Retail Database (IRD) customer base by 158 (from 427 to 585)
    • Successful roll-out of IRD CERICOMX ® product version 6.3 and value-added Data Management Services (DMS) program
    • Recognized as GS1-US top performing solution partner for customer satisfaction

  • Redefined Account Management and IT departments
    • Introduced account management support program –primary contact assigned to each IDEA customer
    • Integrated IDEA IRD customer support into account management support structure – over 550 customers added
    • Digitalization of all customer paper documents – digitized over 500 Folders
    • Launched customer introductory training sessions

Thanks to all of our customers and partners who helped make 2008 a success. We look forward to working with you in 2009 and beyond.