March 29, 2012

“The Digital You” Webinar Highlights and New Date Announced

IDEA kicked off the “Industry Inspired. Industry Wired.” Webinar Series last week with the “The Digital You: Building a Strong Web Presence.” Here are some highlights for those of you who missed it – there will be an encore live webinar on Monday, April 23rd 2pm – 3pm EDT, so be sure to register and help spread the word to your colleagues and trading partners.

“I thought this was an excellent “story.” It was put together well and is something that can be used by all companies to educate their management on the importance of this initiative to the industry.” – Ann Jaehn, Director of Pricing, Thomas & Betts

“I’m really glad I caught this webinar. It was polished, informative, and well-executed. Mary and Denise led a great session.” – Marty Brett, Director – Codes and Standards, Wheatland Tube Company

Tweets from the event by @IDEAeSolutions:

  • David Starr, guest distributor: Credible manufacturer content is king to create robust web storefronts and searches. #IDEAWebinars
  • David Starr, guest distributor: Our customers need web storefronts to find products easily or it might as well not be on there. #IDEAWebinars
  • Peter Vient, guest manufacturer: We need to get our distributors more data and more accurate data. #IDEAWebinars
  • Peter Vient, guest manufacturer: IDW previews our product webpages. We literally see exactly where we need to improve images and descriptions. #IDEAWebinars
  • What’s the 90:10 Rule? 90% of your business is driven by 10% of your products. Focus your data needs on your core products. #IDEAWebinars
  • An easy acronym for the parts of robust data – SAID. (S)pec sheets (A)ttributes (I)mages (D)escriptions

View the webinar slides on IDEA’s SlideShare page>

Next Live Webinar:

Registration is open for the next live session of “The Digital You” Webinar on April 24, 2012 from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT. Take advantage of this live session to get your questions answered by industry experts.

Find out more about the “Digital You” Webinar and Register Now>