August 11, 2011

The New Relationship between Distributors and Technology

Content courtesy of Industrial Distribution Magazine

Industrial Distribution’s “64th Annual Survey of Distributor Operations” illuminated their increased usage of technology including online web ordering.  

Some top findings:

  • 78% of distributors surveyed consider their website vital to the future success of their business
  • 59% said they currently use online web ordering and 33% said they plan to adopt some type of web ordering system within the next two years
  • 62% consider eCommerce a priority (a 10% increase from last year)
  • 75% anticipate internet sales will increase in the upcoming year
  • 87% said they buy their products using the internet

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Helgi Thor Leja, Senior Account Executive with Fortna, Inc., confirms the trend and contends that distributors need to rethink their business-to-business strategies to incorporate tactics previously used only for direct-to-consumer plans.  Leja details evolving customer expectations for online purchasing and the questions distributors should be asking themselves to adapt and succeed in her article, “The Impact of eCommerce on Industrial Distributors.”

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Do the survey results reflect your business observations?  What’s your response to Leja’s observations and questions?  Comment on this article to let us know what you think.