November 8, 2012

Tips and Best Practices for Webinars


Whether to demo a new product, share knowledge, gather customer feedback or start an industry conversation, webinars are popular tools to educate your customers and generate sales leads. The following articles pr­ovide a great review of webinar best practices for the beginning and advanced webinar user.

Create a Webinar

PictureTalk is a provider of web and audio conferencing and produced a white paper, “Best Practices in Webinars: They can and will provide great sales leads, if…” The document provides a general and thorough introduction to the planning and thought process behind producing a successful webinar that will be valuable to your company with tips that can be applied to any webinar production. The document also includes a handy event checklist with roles, tasks, due dates and notes. Download the white paper>

Other popular webinar providers include Adobe Connect, Citrix GoToWebinar, Webex and Instant Presenter (pay-as-you-go format).

Promote Your Webinar

In addition to other promotional campaigns, Twitter and Facebook are great vehicles for promoting your webinar. During the webinar, you can solicit questions from your Twitter followers and share webinar highlights live to generate an online conversation.

You can also use Facebook to promote and even host your webinar. Through Facebook applications like LiveStream, Linqto or Ustream, you can deliver content right to your Facebook fans and members.