November 11, 2009

Tips on Populating Standardized Category Codes in IDW

The December 31st deadline to populate the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC) for all products in Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) is fast approaching and we want to make sure manufacturers have all the support they need to successfully complete the project in time. The population of these standardized category codes is essential for the industry to begin utilizing and benefiting from the first Electrical Attribute Schema. Here are some FAQ’s to help you keep the project moving forward.

1.    What resources are available to help me get a better understanding of the project scope or to explain its importance to senior management?

  • The Electrical Attribute Schema was officially introduced in this media release
  • This IDEA E-Biz Forum presentation revealed the schema to the electrical industry – Using Standards to Sell More and Make Better Buying Decisions
  • This Electrical Wholesaling article explains the importance of the new schema – “ Big Schema Things”
  • Past UNSPSC educational articles published by IDEA give you some history and knowledge behind it all
  • The IDEA Portal contains all the documents you need to complete the project including the complete attribute schema, standardized electrical abbreviations list and the complete UNSPSC code list. All documents are located under Training>Standards>Product Identification once you log in.
  • Finally, you can browse the UNSPSC website to find out how the category codes are being used in other industries

2.    What field do I use to populate the UNSPSC code in IDW?

The UNSPSC codes should be populated using IDW field 5.320 via the EZview/PIPE Flat File or the EDI B1 transaction, utilizing qualifier of “NETXICA” within the LIN loop, PID04/05. This identifies the data as a UNSPSC code when it’s loaded into IDW. The qualifier code is from the IDEA Electrical Industry Code Table.

3.    I don’t have the in-house resources to finish this project in time. What type of support is available to me?

IDEA is offering an assistance program to guide manufacturers through the UNSPSC assignment and ensure all companies successfully meet the December 31st deadline.

The assistance program will help you populate the correct category code for each of your products in IDW. The service is available in varying levels of support, from guiding and consulting to outsourcing the project entirely. Please contact your account manager to request assistance.

4.    Do I have to populate the UNSPSC codes for non-electrical products in IDW? If so, how can I find out which ones to use?

Yes, non-electrical product code reference can be found on the UNSPSC code list on the IDEA Portal as well.

Please contact your account manager if you have any further questions or email if you are unsure of your account manager contact.

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