March 14, 2014

Trends in Technology: The Latest Apps and Initiatives

The past few weeks have seen many exciting new technology developments and acquisitions that will have long-term effects on future business interests.  Read below for a compilation of articles that highlight the latest technology news. 

Facebook Follows Amazon, Google Into Drones with $60 Million PurchaseForbes

Facebook recently purchased Titan Aerospace, a drone making company, for $60 million. The assumed intent of the social media giant, is to bring the internet, as well as Facebook, to the developing world.  Titan creates drones that can orbit the earth for up to 5 years at the fraction of the cost of satellites.

Nest for Tesla: App Lets Model S Owners Heat Car Remotely Mashable

The new Smartcar app, to be used for the Tesla Model S cars, will allow drivers to heat or cool their vehicle before leaving for their destination.  It also will automatically set charging periods for times when utility costs are at their lowest, saving owners up to 75% on their electric bill.

Apple’s CarPlay: The Smart Car Wars Are Getting SeriousWashington Post

Apple recently announced its latest initiative – Apple CarPlay.  Moving them into the connected car space, the new technology will allow you to safely check e-mail, text messages and directions while driving.  Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Ferarri are a few of those in the automotive industry who plan to carry CarPlay.