November 17, 2014

Update: Additional Information on 43 Critical Fields – ARRA and Buy American Compliant

Last month, IDEA’s management and Board of Directors mandated the population of 43 critical data fields in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), including two new fields:

  • ARRA Compliant” – To identify if a product is compliant with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.
  • Buy American Compliant”  – To identify if a product is compliant with the United States regulatory act for US Federal Government procurement.

Both fields should be populated with one of the following indicator options:

Y – Yes;    N – No;    X – Not Applicable;    U – Unknown;    C – Contact Manufacturer

With the addition of these two fields, the population of the “Country of Origin” field has also become mandatory, to comply with the Tariff Act for importing/exporting product related to the International Harmonization Code and applicable duties and taxes.

The “Country of Origin” field is used to indicate where a product is produced, manufactured, or assembled and will now have two new indicator options made available, in addition to containing valid ISO Country Codes:

UKN – Unknown;    MUL – Multiple Countries

All load/extract templates are currently being updated to reflect the 43 critical fields and will be made available for manufacturers to begin populating in mid-Q4 2014. In addition, the following clarification statements for the three fields discussed in this message will be added to all IDW documentation:

Beginning February 1, 2015, all new items added to the IDW must have each of the 43 critical fields fully-populated. If you have any questions, or would like additional information about the 43 critical fields, please contact your Data Management Specialist.