December 3, 2014

Update: Programming Documentation Available for IDW’s 43 Critical Fields – Compliance & Excellence

Last month, IDEA’s management and Board of Directors mandated the population of 43 critical data fields in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Beginning Q1 2015, manufacturer compliance to this updated standard will be measured as part of IDEA’s new Data Certification Program, the first comprehensive IDW metric for data quantity and quality.

Within IDEA’s new program, items in the IDW will be measured against both a compliance metric (measuring completeness) and an excellence metric (measuring quality). The criteria for these compliance and excellence checks are now available (download criteria below).

The critical fields are sets of transactional and descriptive product information that comprise the minimum data needed by distributors to conduct business and sell manufacturers’ products. For example, certain fields contain:

Transactional and pricing information – These fields provide information necessary to complete business transactions, such as the sending and receiving of purchase orders.

Packaging information – These fields provide information for a complete packaging hierarchy, enabling distributors to accurately and efficiently order, stock, and sell manufacturers’ products.

Web store information – These fields provide robust marketing information that makes it easier for distributors to sell manufacturers’ products, and for end users to find manufacturers’ products, online.

To properly load data into the IDW and accommodate all the critical data fields, programmatic changes will need to be made within each manufacturer’s business system, including two fields that are new to the IDW. IDEA has outlined the minimum criteria for meeting the compliance and excellence metrics in the downloadable document below, to facilitate those programming efforts.

Included in this document is the following information:

  • Name and description of each of the 43 critical data fields
  • Description of the minimum requirements that the data within each field must meet when measured against the compliance and excellence metrics
  • Potential exceptions to those requirements

Download criteria overview. 

Complete, high-quality data improves eCommerce throughout the channel, from enhancing trading partner relationships to governing how products are marketed and sold.