April 25, 2016

Updated IDW Features and New Resource Now Available

While IDEA looks to define the next-generation Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and build a new platform that will be able to evolve with the future needs of the industry, we’ll continue to make minor changes and updates to improve your current IDW operating experience. Many of these updates have come about as a direct result of IDW users submitting improvement suggestions via the “IDW Changes Request” form within the IDW. These updates do not affect the guidelines for the Data Certification Program; mandatory changes are applied only once a year and provide at least a 3-month implementation timeframe.

To access a full up-to-date list of all of the recently implemented updates: Log into the IDW, navigate to the top menu, and click Advanced > Information > Documents. There, you will find a document called “IDEA Release Notes” – a master list of the latest IDW updates, Standards release notes, and will get a sneak peek at upcoming features currently in the works. This document will be kept current moving forward, so be sure to check it regularly.

Below are a few ways these updates and/or added features can help you improve your business operations and data management through the IDW:

– Communications and reporting

Reports have been added to the IDW to give both manufacturers and distributors greater insight into the data they are loading into/extracting from the IDW. For example, distributors can better monitor their manufacturers’ progress within the Data Certification Program, while manufacturers now have access to load summary error reports.

– User experience

Features are now in place make it easier for users to navigate the IDW, conduct searches, and find exactly what they’re looking for.

– Product lifecycle management

Manufacturers now have access to additional item statuses to more accurately inform their trading partners of the products they have available for sale and can let their distributors know when an item has been removed from the IDW altogether.

– Data extractions & requests

Data selection and extraction options have been added to the IDW, giving users the ability to better customize downloads and access only what they need.

– Security

Security continues to be one of the foremost concerns of IDEA when managing the IDW, so the IDW now includes data usage acknowledgements and de-authorization notifications.

If you have any questions on a specific update, please reach out to your Data Management Specialist, your Distributor Specialist, or email IDEA at idwsupport@idea4industry.com.

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