December 6, 2018

User Maintenance – Why should you review your IDEA Connector Users?

It is important for your security as well as IDEA’s security that the users in our IDEA Connector platform are current. As with any site your employees have access to, you want to make sure you shut off access to your company’s information if an employee has left your organization.

You can run a login activity report for your account showing each userid’s login activity for the last 12 months. Just go to Advanced, then Information, then User Login Activity. Change the ‘End Date’ to the oldest date in the drop-down list to get the full 12 months information.

You can find the complete list and can update/remove users by going to Advanced, then Company, then Users. To delete a user, just check the ‘Select’ box next to the user and click on the ‘Delete’ button near the top of that screen. Be careful: DO NOT DELETE the Primary User Account. Deleting this user from the IDW will result in the inability for you to access your FTP folder. Reinstating this user requires intervention from IDEA’s programmer and may result in a service charge. The Primary Userid can often be identified by the phrase “Primary User Account (do not delete)” in the ‘Name’ field. If for some reason someone in your company has altered that phrase and you cannot easily identify the Primary User Account, please contact our Client Solutions team for assistance. They can show you how.

Manufacturer: You may also find userids with the phrase “Topline” in the Userid or Name field. These userids were set up for specific people in your company to receive a recurring automated email that includes your company’s monthly stats on you IDW Data Quality scores. We suggest that you do not remove those unless the person is no longer with your company.