June 10, 2014

We Have a Map for That!

From the desk of Tom Guzik, Manager of B2B EDI Solutions at IDEA

Have you ever needed to implement an electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction with your trading partners that would increase your capabilities and make you more efficient, but held back due to the complexity of the map? Or maybe you lacked the bandwidth needed to develop and implement the map yourself?  IDEA can help!  IDEA’s Industry Data Exchange (IDX) Managed Services offers custom EDI mapping solutions as part of an overall suite of services, which can help existing EDI users, those who are just starting out, or those who do not want to deal with owning and supporting an EDI translator.

Custom mapping services help:

Experienced EDI users

  1. Handle maps that are too complex for their EDI resources
  2. Address and decrease backlog of map requests
  3. Grow EDI capabilities without increasing staff headcount

New EDI users

  1. Comply with EDI mandates from large trading partners and eliminate chargebacks for noncompliance with required EDI documents
  2. Utilize EDI to automate the quote-to-cash process without needing to purchase a separate EDI translator or increase staff headcount
  3. Reduce the amount of time it takes to launch an EDI program when ramping up a new business system that supports EDI

Other ways to utilize IDEA’s custom mapping services include, but are not limited to:

  1. EDI-enabling a specific business process that does not easily fit into your current EDI environment (e.g. a rebate process or special bank transactions)
  2. Integrating any standalone process that does not tie into your current business system applications (e.g. processing freight invoices, state tax filing, point-of-sale tracking, etc.)
  3. Building a hybrid EDI system in which both you and IDEA create and manage maps to better balance your work load, ensure more consistent turnaround times on map-related projects, and enable 24/7 map coverage

If you wish to learn more about IDEA’s custom mapping services, or any of our IDX Managed Service offerings, please contact me directly at (703) 562-4626, or tguzik@idea4industry.com.