Samer Shehadeh

Samar Shehadeh headshot

“IDEA helped fully synchronize Eaton’s product information so that any changes or updates to the business system are automatically pushed out to our trading partners through the IDEA Connector. Publishing new product information couldn’t be simpler.” 

About Samer

In my former role, as Manager of EDI & eCommerce at Eaton’s Electrical Sector, I was responsible for global EDI, B2B, and data synchronization initiatives across all of Eaton’s Electrical Sector (including the former Cooper businesses). I have more than 15 years of eBusiness experience in a range of industries, including roles at Capgemini Consulting, Motorola Solutions, MGM Studios, Procter & Gamble and Hewlett-Packard. I’ve worked with IDEA for many years, and am now collaborating with industry peers on IDEA’s Innovation Advisory Council.

Creating a uniformed approach to data sync

Eaton’s B-Line, Bussmann, Crouse-Hinds, Cooper Lighting, Cooper Power Systems, Cooper Safety, and Cooper Wiring Devices businesses were heavily reliant on manual processes and were not fully leveraging the capability of our enterprise system. To improve our data synchronization efforts with trading partners, we were interested in taking it to the next level by consolidating internal processes and implementing a solution as a single thread across these businesses. We saw our efforts as a two-pronged approach, with IDEA helping and guiding us. First, we were automating the process of sending product updates to the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Second, we were focused on integrating key marketing information into our data sync processes to help our trading partners compete.

Why Samer chose to leverage the IDW Master Data Tool

The IDW Master Data Tool added value by consolidating the process and enabling us to publish our product data one time, certify that it is accurate, and distribute it to all of our trading partners including retailers and distributors. Plus, setup was a one-and-done process. IDEA helped fully synchronize our product information so that any changes or updates to our business system are automatically pushed out to our trading partners through the IDW. Publishing new product information couldn’t be simpler. There’s no need to baby-sit the process and it completely eliminates the inefficiencies of fulfilling one-off customer requests manually.

It is crucial that companies adapt to change and understand that the cutting edge, next generation of data synchronization surrounds us. Our model is quite simple. We just march toward being an ‘ease-of-doing-business’ manufacturer. We collaborate with other businesses, provide new capabilities, and leverage new technologies to better serve our customers. IDEA is working with the industry to develop best-in-breed solutions. The IDW Master Data Tool helped us create one source of product information, automate it through a certified data management platform, validate it and synchronize it to multiple channels at one time – and that was a game changer for us.