General FAQs:

What is the Joint IDEA eBiz / NAED Technology Conference? 

In the past, the IDEA eBiz Forum was dedicated to eBusiness in the electrical industry and brought together key electrical supply chain leaders through a mix of general sessions, breakout sessions, and workshops. The NAED Technology Conference educates and highlights the most efficient ways electrical distributors use technology to provide better service to customers. By bringing the two events together and including potential cross-over with AdVenture, attendees will have the opportunity to share their expertise with one another and expand their knowledge base through a wide variety of educational sessions.

Where and when will the event be held?

The event will be held in Chicago, IL at the Westin on Michigan Avenue on August 2 – 4 (Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon).

What is the dress code? 

Business casual attire is recommended for attendees and business professional attire is required for presenters.

What is the dress code for the Night Out? 

Casual attire is recommended but we encourage attendees to wear their favorite sports team jersey or t-shirt (Hint: the 2017 Night Out will be sports-themed).

What are the registration costs? 

Early Bird registration rates are $899.00 per person; Early Bird registration ends July 5, 2017.
After July 5, regular registration rates will be $1,099.00 per person.

What is included in the registration fee? 

The registration fee includes access to all conference activities, scheduled meals, social functions, and conference program materials.

Do you have daily rates? 

No. The registration fee includes access to the Welcome Reception, Innovation Hub, Fun Night Out, and two days of educational and training sessions.

What is the profile of the typical attendee? 

Attendees of the AdVenture Marketing Conference and Joint IDEA eBiz/NAED Technology Conference come from distributor and manufacturer companies in the electrical industry and have a marketing and IT/eBusiness background. Industry professionals will have various job titles from analysts to managers to executives. The event is open to all industry professionals including non-IDEA customers and non-NAED members. The attendees can except plenty of opportunities where marketing and IT will cross-over and share the expertise of one another. 


Sponsor/Exhibitor FAQs:

What types of exhibitors were in attendance?

Our exhibitors provide products and services that can help companies in the electrical industry cut costs and increase profits through business process automation. Some specific areas of focus for past exhibitors include: data management & data synchronization solutions, product information management, ERP systems, eCommerce solutions, mobile app providers, cash flow and billing, and supply chain performance and sales.

What is the Innovation Hub? 

The Innovation Hub is our interactive exhibit hall, designed with three main areas:

MINI THEATER STATION: Sponsors can take the stage to share their message with our attendees and shine a spotlight on their company as a resource for customer success in the electrical industry.

DEMO STATION: Exhibitors are able to demo their products and services for attendees. 

CUSTOMER SUCCESS STATION: Attendees have a chance to schedule one-on-one meetings with IDEA experts to begin planning for their digital strategy over the next year.