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IDEA unites experts
and distributes data
through automation

We are the business automation and
product content experts of the
electrical industry & beyond.


IDEA Connector logo

IDEA Connector is a cloud-based platform
that enables distributors to securely access
accurate and timely product and pricing
data directly from manufacturers.

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IDEA Connector visible on a laptop screen
IDEA Connector visible on a laptop screen
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The IDEA Exchange is an electronic data exchange
(EDI) that enables you to exchange eBusiness
documents such as purchase orders, invoices,
and advance ship notices with your suppliers and
customers faster, easier, and more securely than
traditional Value-Added Networks (VANs)
or paper-based methods.

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Populated with manufacturers and distributors authorized product and pricing data, IDEA Fusion is a client specific SQL database which has a direct connection to IDEA Connector. This information can integrate with other sources in order to provide a centralized data repository of product attribution and pricing. This new platform enables users to efficiently control their authorized product and pricing information management.

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Guidelines, business rules, and standardized product descriptors ensure an industry-approved approach to improve marketing content, product data, and international trade.

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IDEA Connector
reduces hours and
demand on staff for
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