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Potential Cyberthieves Keeping You Up At Night?

Cyber Thief Image

A major concern of modern businesses is the security of their customer and business information. A high percentage of documentation is now sent electronically via electronic data interchange (EDI) through value-added networks (VANs). These VANs support millions of pieces of information involved in business transactions, the security of which is essential to keep operations running smoothly.

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Q&A with ISC Subcommittee Members: Why Standards Matter


Recently, IDEA hosted its Industry Standards Committee (ISC) subcommittee meetings at its headquarters, located in Arlington, VA. At the second meeting since the restructuring of the ISC, the team was entrenched in developing and updating data and eCommerce standards and guidelines. We took some time to speak with three representatives from the committee to learn why they joined, and why they think standards are essential to our industry.

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Technology Trends: Cars, Moon Rovers, and Hoverboards


Opportunities for incorporating new technology into products and services abound in the transportation industry. Consumers are ready to see the same user experience they have with desktop and mobile devices transition to their commute, and developers are doing their best to deliver. From self-driving cars to electric car-sharing services, transportation is undergoing a facelift. This week, we bring you the latest innovations and initiatives in the transportation industry, including cars, moon rovers, and hoverboards.

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