Make Your Rebates More Profitable by Cutting out Administrative Work

80% of companies are still trying to manage rebates on spreadsheets, inflexible ERPs, or other aging systems. Meanwhile, incentives like special pricing agreements are making rebates more complex.

That's why we partnered with Enable to integrate IDEA Connector product data into a collaborative rebate management tool. Discover how you can benefit from this new partnership.

Special Pricing Agreements

Special pricing agreements (SPAs) are a strategic tool used in business-to-business transactions to tailor pricing arrangements to the specific needs and circumstances of the parties involved.

The Value of SPAs for Manufacturers

SPAs have several different names across a wide range of industries, but at a basic level, they allow manufacturers to:

  • Remain competitive by offering unique pricing structures tailored to specific customers or market segments.
  • Enhance customer loyalty and retain long-term business relationships with customized pricing.
  • Ensure a steady and predictable flow of orders to optimize revenue and supply chain forecasts.


The Value of SPAs for Distributors

77% of all distribution firms in North America use SPAs. As the supply chain evolves, strategic pricing will be leveraged even more among distributors looking to:

  • Secure competitive rates, positioning them favorably in the market to attract and retain customers.
  • Nurture strategic partnerships with key suppliers and customers, creating mutually beneficial collaborations.
  • Ensure a steady flow of orders and the opportunity to achieve economies of scale.
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Annual Rebate Management: Enable Customers Earn an Average 400% ROI.

Make better trading decisions to drive mutually profitable growth, increase cash flow, and reduce risk with the collaborative Enable platform powered by IDEA Connector.

Immediate Impact

By leveraging existing IDEA connectivity, you’ll enjoy a fast time to value on rebates with deals created in as little as two weeks from implementation.

Easy to Use

With less manual support and oversight, you can reduce manual efforts and achieve operational excellence.

Increased Clarity

IDEA’s standardized data eliminates ambiguity, leading to a better experience for both sides of the rebate and driving mutually profitable growth.

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