Reduce Shipping and Warehousing Costs with Weights and Dimensions Product Data

In collaboration with Avalon CSC, backed by NAED, and select founding distributors and manufacturers, IDEA Volumetrics collects and provides automated access to reliable cubic dimensions data. This data facilitates precise insights for optimizing warehouse operations, enabling accurate shipping cost calculations, faster item placement, capacity planning, and automation system design. It also contributes vital product data benefiting the entire electrical supply chain.

IDEA Volumetrics Founders are
Driving the Industry Forward

By becoming an IDEA Volumetrics Founder, you can help prioritize data collection efforts and lead this industry initiative. Get in touch by completing the form below to join this elite group of manufacturers and distributors committing to improving the entire supply chain.

Multiple Levels of Product Data
for More Accurate Shipping Costs

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Inventory Dimensioning Product Content
Improves the Supply Chain

Minimize Shipping Errors

When you’re short on staff, use IDEA Volumetrics data as a quality check for shipments. By comparing the complete, accurate data from IDEA Volumetrics to the shipment weight, you can ensure the distribution center picked the right products in the right quantities.


Enhance Warehouse Efficiency and Automation

After dimensioning inventory, you know exactly how much space each product occupies in your warehouse. You can slot items faster, plan for future warehouse capacity, and design automation systems accordingly.

Access Continuously Updated, Manufacturer-authorized Data

IDEA Volumetrics is assembling and refreshing the weights and dimensions catalog regularly in IDEA Connector to feed distributor and manufacturer e-commerce platforms as well as PIM, ERP, and warehouse management systems. In addition to gathering existing weights and dimensions information from manufacturers, IDEA is sourcing unavailable data from a network of distributor customers through inventory dimensioning services.


A Data Collection Process you can Trust

IDEA is partnering with Avalon CSC, an experienced supply chain and logistics company, to collect weights and dimensions information. When gathered onsite, the primary source of the data is collected through a Cubiscan 325. The IDEA Volumetrics team provides resources for product scanning, performs quality assurance, uploads product files, and regularly refreshes the catalog for customer access.

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"We believe in the power of strategic opportunities where we can take appropriate action to gather and share information that advances our entire industry, not just our company. IDEA Volumetrics supports our customer-centric approach. Volumetric data will allow us to accurately calculate shipping costs for our growing e-commerce business, as well achieve ideal space utilization and optimization goals that will help us accurately and efficiently service customers from our growing network of distribution centers across our marketplace."

Farrah Mittel

President of Schaedler Yesco Distribution, Inc.
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"United Electric continues to support industry initiatives that are designed to increase the efficiency of our channel and improve customer service. IDEA Volumetrics combines these two goals.

We’re proud to be involved in IDEA Volumetrics to grow our library of data while contributing to building a better future for the electrical distribution channel."

George Vorwick

President & CEO, United Electric Supply

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