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Robust, reliable syndicated data from IDEA Connector sells more products and powers efficient internal operations. IDEA satisfies all of your data needs, using our experts and our state-of-the-art data syndication platform. The industry-endorsed IDEA Connector is your key to efficiently syndicate product and transactional data globally.


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The IDEA Team is Focused on Helping Customers Meet their Digital Business Goals

Fast response times and attentive support are one of IDEA’s top priorities. Whether you have a quick question or a large concern, we want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us.

We’ll connect you with the right product specialist or department manager, and we’ll work with you step by step until you are where you want to be.

Pro Data Services Make Product Data Syndication Easier

We make it easy to keep up with end user demands for more product data. With IDEA Pro Data Services, more data does not have to mean more work. Give us your data in any format, and we’ll scrub it, validate it, enrich it, and syndicate it in the custom format needed—with a faster turnaround time.

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Unlimited, Authorized, Direct Product Data Automated Everywhere

Product Data Syndication Connected to the Most Companies in the Industry

With your IDEA Connector subscription, we can support unlimited attributes and 500+ fields enable you to provide everything end-users need, from transactional to enriched product data. With pricing, enriched marketing fields, images, related products, and multi-level packaging, every SKU can include the robust product content buyers need to make confident decisions.


Spec Sheets

High-res Images


Unlimited Attributes


Packaging & Volumetrics

360º Images

Certification Agencies

More Product Data Reaches More Systems — Faster

Manufacturers can manage product data lifecycle from a single place, notifying distributors of new products, price changes, and replacement parts through customizable reports. Once loaded in IDEA Connector, new items can sync to authorized distributor systems anywhere in the world within 24 hours with no data manipulation required.

ERP Systems

Warehouse Management Software

PIM Systems

Procurement Systems

E-Commerce Website Stores

Rebate Management

IDEA Connector is Everywhere
you do Business

Create a single source of truth for seamless worldwide operations with IDEA Connector’s global syndication, supporting unlimited products and SKUs in global taxonomies.

Multi-language Capability

Follow-the-sun Support

Global Training Systems

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Better Data Powers More
Sales and Fewer Returns

By using data governance tools like inbound validation rules, structured code sets, and lifecycle codes, IDEA Connector can eliminate errors, reduce potential rework for customer transactions, and establish stronger relationships with partners and end customers.

Industry Standards

IDEA is focused on serving as the electrical industry’s standards body by setting, facilitating, and monitoring data standards.

Data Integrity Hub

Distributors can report item-level product data issues directly to the person managing data for the manufacturer, using real-time alerts to expedite data issue resolution.

360º Image Services & Viewer

360º image viewer tool powers a consistent, centralized experience across all manufacturers.

Add More Value to your
Product Data Syndication

We're continually updating IDEA Connector's roadmap to stay abreast of changing data needs. With manufacturers, distributors, and trade association leaders on our Board of Directors, we have intimate understanding of the challenges our industry is facing. Current initiatives, like the Harmonized Data Model (HDM), are evolving IDEA Connector into a next-generation data syndication platform, capable of helping manufacturers and distributors optimize operations now and in the future.

IDEA eBiz is an annual event dedicated to eBusiness in the electrical industry and brings together key electrical supply chain leaders through a mix of general sessions, breakout sessions, and roundtable networking discussions. This user group meeting brings together IDEA customers and suppliers to learn the latest technologies, share ideas and best practices, and network with industry peers.

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Dive Deeper with the IDEA Learning Portal

IDEA Connector customers enjoy free access to self-paced online courses — complete with videos, quizzes, and interactive content — via desktop and mobile devices. In the IDEA Learning Portal, you’ll find specialized courses for distributor and manufacturer users covering data extractions, standards, reporting, authorizations, uploading data, and more.


“The quality and structure of data is going to drive future business. It’s one of the most critical things for our industry, and the IDEA Connector is on the strongest path.”

Sheila Hernandez

VP, Marketing and Supplier Relations, Summit Electric Supply

“As a distributor, we need a single source of truth for product data. By IDEA’s HDM being able to ingest manufacturers’ data in multiple formats and then streamlining what we syndicate to our customers into a single format, we can provide a more meaningful search experience for our customers. That's ultimately the bread and butter of a digital experience for our customers.”

Cecilia Madden

Corporate Director of Marketing & Digital Technology, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

“As a manufacturer, we would have to spend hours of time to get all the attribute and product information out to each one of our customers manually. IDEA helps us bring all of our product content to each of our customers so they can use it in their own e-commerce sites."

Seth Gilbert

Senior Manager - Product Information Management Implementation, Atkore Inc.

“IDEA Connector is an easy and convenient tool because it's a singular source of information. Our team can ensure the product content that distributors are accessing is accurate and branded.”

Erin Boggs

E-Commerce Manager, ABB Electrification

“Product data is the lifeblood of our industry. Every time our data changes, all we have to do is update IDEA Connector, and we’re able to reach our trading partners. With one update, we can potentially reach 90% of the NAED electrical distributor market share.”

John Callen

Director of eTools Marketing, Lutron

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