IDEA Customers Represent the Entire Supply Chain

For more than 20 years, manufacturers and distributors, in the electrical industry and related verticals, have been depending on IDEA’s technology solutions to run their businesses with efficiency. From single-location family operations to global corporations, IDEA customers are using technology to move the entire industry forward.

IDEA Customer Sponsors


As an independent company, IDEA enables our distribution community to pool our resources and have a product data tool, IDEA Connector, that each of us individually can take advantage of to grow our businesses digitally.

Larry Stern

President, Standard Electric Supply

“Digital Transformation is the evolution of doing business within our industry. We support IDEA because they are paramount and fundamental to our industry.”

Heather Nemeth

President & CEO, Van Meter, Inc.

“The best technology solution we have as an industry is IDEA. The fact is we have an entity that's owned by all of us as members of NAED and NEMA.”

Brian DiBella

President, Data, Power and Control, Legrand North America

“It’s an exciting time. IDEA Connector is evolving. Third party solution providers are building their functionality on top of IDEA Connector, creating an entire ecosystem for the electrical industry. As this grows, this will bring extensive value to the industry."

John Callen

Director of eTools Marketing, Lutron

“The IDEA Exchange team is incredibly knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend IDEA to any company looking for a reliable and efficient partner in their digital transformational journey.”

Siddharth Godbole

Manager - EDI, Eaton

"Using the IDEA Connector, we’re able to deliver our high quality product data online in real time, which has been proven to speed up sales."

John Hoffman

EVP of Sales and Market Development, Legrand North America

"IDEA Connector enables us to share accurate information with a customer on-the-spot to help them make informed decisions. This is a huge advantage for our sales team."

Lura McBride

President & CEO, Van Meter, Inc.

"With EDI, simpler is better, and IDEA Exchange has made our EDI processes much simpler. We don’t need to think about Exchange – it just works for us."

Art Cook

President, Buckles-Smith

“Why would I recommend IDEA? Because IDEA adds the most value to our organization. They provide excellent customer service and have existing relationships with our supplier and partner network.”

Phil Hale

CIO, Elliot Electric Supply

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