Welcome to the Future of Order Entry Automation with IDEA and Canals

Canals revolutionizes inside sales with seamless automation, processing customer requests in any format. Its AI learns preferences, streamlining quote-to-cash workflows and enhancing sales team performance effortlessly.



Customers Send Materials Lists in Any Format

Your customers don’t change a thing. Just as they do today, they send you their bill of materials for a quote or order in any format — plain text, Word doc, Excel, PDF, even handwritten notes. No templates or part numbers are required. Canals handles slang and vague descriptions like “3 inch cowboys” or “#6 sol B.O.Y.”


Canals AI Does the Matching & Data Entry

  • Finds the best matches in your product catalog for each product requested by the customer
  • Automatically applies customer preferences and business rules
  • Provides an easy interface for reps to apply their expertise when the AI doesn’t know the answer
  • Learns from user actions and automatically applies learnings
  • In one click, sends a job to your ERP as if it were created there in the first place

Reps Focus on the High-Value Work

Canals handles the tedious parts of order entry, giving reps more time than ever to provide a better customer experience and drive sales.

  • Faster Quoting: Customers get quotes faster than ever
  • Better Follow-Through: Reps have more time to follow up and follow through on closing sales
  • Smarter Sourcing: Reps have more time to thoughtfully select, source, and present products
  • More Sales: Improved speed, volume, and quality of selling mean more selling and more sales

Key Features of Canals Integrated with IDEA Connector:

Seamless Integration

Canals seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected workflow for streamlined order processing.

Language Interpretation

The tool interprets human language, extracting order-related information from unstructured data sources like emails and handwritten notes, enhancing data accuracy.

Task Automation

Canals automatically learns and handles repetitive and rule-based tasks in order entry, allowing human workers to focus on complex and strategic aspects of their roles.

Error Reduction

Through automated data validation, Canals minimizes errors, ensuring orders adhere to specified criteria, contributing to precision in order entry.

Predictive Analysis

Canals analyzes historical and real-time data to prioritize products based on customer preferences, business rules, and other predefined criteria.


The tool adjusts to changing circumstances, adapting order processing workflows based on evolving business needs or market conditions, ensuring flexibility.

Beyond Automation

Canals offers advanced features such as substitution and complementary product recommendations, comprehensive onboarding training, and a learning system that adapts based on user behavior.

IDEA Beyond Automation
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“Canals is a force multiplier for United Electric. Tasks that previously took hours of inside sales time now take minutes. We tried another solution and just couldn’t make it work—Canals’ AI application is the future of order entry. It's had a significantly positive impact on our business, and the more we use it the better it gets.”

George Vorwick

President & CEO, United Electric Supply
Michael Delgado

“Canals automatically gets smarter as it’s used for order entry, learning your business rules and becoming a repository of critical institutional knowledge. So, it creates enormous productivity gains and really helps with the demographic challenges faced by the industry."

Michael Delgado

Co-Founder and CEO at Canals

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