Save on Costs and Resources with EDI Managed Services

You don’t need to hire new staff or buy expensive software to automate document exchange. From temporary help with specific tasks to fully outsourced EDI management, our EDI experts troubleshoot exceptions to find a resolution, ensure trading partner compliance with current regulations, and provide coverage when you need it most.

IDEA’s EDI Managed Services Supports
your Processes at any Point

When you outsource operations to an EDI managed services provider you trust, you eliminate compliance fines, EDI operational costs, overhead, and expensive searches for increasingly elusive EDI professionals. You’ll gain a partner with an in-depth understanding or your business, processing rules, and trading partner requirements as well as a primary contact to share daily reports and insights for ongoing optimization.


Our team can handle discovery and design, installation configuration, customizations, testing, and launch of your IDEA Exchange system.

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Continuous Improvement

When your system requires modifications for software updates, usage changes, client-specific enhancements, or software updates, our team will collaborate with you to ensure the EDI solution fits your needs.

Day-to-Day Management

With a program manager as a single point of contact, our EDI managed services team provides continuous system management and monitoring, as well as issue resolution in as little as an hour.


Our EDI Managed Services Help
you Solve Immediate Problems

EDI Mapping /
Translation Services

Save up to $45K on owning and supporting EDI translation or mapper software by letting IDEA create and deploy custom document translation maps on your behalf. Our team can modify existing EDI maps, incorporate your customers’ data, and update maps on an ongoing basis.

Managed AS2 /
FTP Connections

To support trading with partners that don’t use a VAN, IDEA can host your dedicated AS2, FTP, OFTP, or OFTP2 connection. If any issues occur, IDEA will identify and address the problem, guaranteeing all documents are delivered securely.

Faster trading
partner onboarding

When you outsource the set-up and implementation of new EDI trading partners to IDEA, you’ll be up-and-running faster while ensuring compliance — even when trading partners have unique requirements.

On-call EDI services

IDEA EDI Managed Services team is an extension of yours…with decades of EDI expertise and best practices to share. When you need help solving technical problems or handling the EDI workload, our team is ready to act as an extension of yours.


Full Support Keeps your EDI System Up and Running

With 24/5 or 24/7 emergency support coverage options, our team is on call to manage incidents by logging, tracking, and resolving trouble tickets. Our support team provides proactive monitoring, determines and resolves problems, fixes bugs and applications, installs patches, and coordinates vendors.

The customer operations support center is on call via phone and email 24/7 in six locations, four time zones, and two countries. If there is a problem, root cause analysis is guaranteed within 72 hours.

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