EDI Migration Best Practices


Transitioning your EDI to a new service provider is a strategic decision that offers your company competitive agility, ensuring your systems grow with your business needs. With the right planning and an expert team familiar with the intricacies of EDI systems, the migration can be as straightforward as upgrading your business software.

Use this guide to help you:

  • Choose Your Migration Strategy: Understand how to select the best migration approach for your needs, whether it's a total migration for immediate, comprehensive switch, or a phased migration to stagger the transition.
  • Prepare and Plan: Learn effective strategies for preparing and planning your EDI migration to ensure a smooth and successful transition, minimizing potential disruptions and maximizing efficiency.
  • Follow an EDI Migration Checklist: Gain access to an easy-to-follow checklist that details the critical steps and considerations involved in an EDI migration, helping ensure nothing is overlooked.

Download the EDI Migration Best Practices Guide