IDEA is a proud member of ETIM North America and is integrally involved in helping the electrical industry adopt ETIM product classification standards in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The Power of ETIM

A proven product classification model used globally by manufacturers, distributors and other industry professionals, ETIM facilitates the flow of consistent content throughout the ecosystem of the electrical industry.

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How ETIM Works

A language-independent model, ETIM seamlessly converts product information into alphanumeric codes for reliable transmission across countless languages and software platforms, enabling product content to be conveyed appropriately and efficiently throughout the electrical supply chain.

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Good for the Entire Industry

From manufacturers’ internal environments, to distributor ERPs and webstores, to the myriad of applications for architectural and systems design, like estimating software, CAD and BIM, streamlining the exchange of information helps optimize processes, supports profitability and enables the correct products to be specified and installed.

Collaboration is Key

The power of ETIM is the collective; the model is successful through independent and sector-wide collaboration of industry professionals. Lend your product experience and expertise to benefit the industry and become a member of ETIM NA.


Key Partnerships

Together ETIM and IDEA can improve the quality and communication of product data throughout the electrical supply chain, bringing more value and functionality to users industry-wide.


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IDEA Connector enables
Lura McBride's sales team
to easily share accurate
product information

She’s Chief Operating Officer,
Van Meter, Inc.

Lura McBride headshot


The IDEA Connector data is used by our staff to find better information more quickly, reducing hours and demand on our staff, while improving our quality of service and growing our sales. The Connector provides the quality data our company needs to be relevant in our industry, support our customers’ needs, and improve our efficiencies.

Lee Morris headshot

Lee Morris

Marketing Division Manager, Wabash Electric

The product data in the IDEA Connector drives our business system and is critical to increasing our profitability. Without the IDEA Connector, we’d need 3 to 4 times more staff internally and the data still wouldn’t be as good as what we get from Connector.

Jeff Skiles headshot

Jeff Skiles

Director of Strategic Pricing, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply

IDEA Connector is our sole source of product information. Our sales management all rely on product data being as complete as it can be. There’s a very direct relationship between having good data and how smoothly our business runs.

Ted Whitson

MIS Director, Stanion Electric

The IDEA Connector provides an efficient model to capture each of our manufacturer’s data in one place right at our desktop. They've helped us build relationships with our suppliers so that we can get the data we need to keep our customers happy.

Joe Wallace

Van Meter Industrial