secure business document and data transfer
secure business document and data transfer

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IDEA Exchange is an electronic data interchange (EDI) that enables you to exchange eBusiness documents such as purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices with your suppliers and customers faster, easier, and more securely than traditional Value-Added Networks (VANs) or paper-based methods.

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Speeds up orders, fulfillment, and payments

Enhance customer service with faster cycle times and more direct communication by automating document exchange processes.

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Save money on processing fees through automation and error elimination

Eliminate errors, accelerate order processing and get paid faster.

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Track and improve performance with business analytic tools

More ways to track, search and analyze then ever before.  Receive alerts on your mobile device so you can trouble shoot issues quickly.

online document tracker

Online Document Tracker

View the status of all your documents to see if they were successfully sent and received. Use advanced search, sort and reporting capabilities to prevent and address potential issues before they become major problems.

flexible document viewing

Flexible Document Viewing

See documents in both the format you sent them, and in the format they were received. For those who don’t speak EDI, you can easily view EDI documents in a nontechnical readable format.

unrivaled security

Unrivaled Security

IDEA Exchange has multiple layers of security including: firewalls, encryption, certificates, authentication and validation, with a fully redundant network and disaster recovery.

data reprocessing

Data Reprocessing

You can reprocess your own documents.  No need to rely on technical support—save time and money.

translate almost any file

Translates almost any file

Send documents in one format, enable receipt in another. Formats could include: EDI, EDIFACT, Flat Files, XML, binary, and graphic files.

data archiving for all documents

Data archiving for all documents

Store and access historical usage statistics, documents, and other IDEA Exchange data.

communicate with non-EDI companies

Communicate with non-EDI Companies

Send and receive documents seamlessly to and from companies that aren’t EDI capable with web forms and Flat Files.  Capture computer-generated documents in various formats such as: Excel, Text, PDF, Word, and HTML, with 100% accuracy.

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B2B Managed Services

Do what you can, and let IDEA do the rest! If you don’t have the technical knowledge or capacity to fulfill all your EDI needs, IDEA can fill in the gaps.


Strategic EDI Consulting & Implementation

This service enables you to add monthly support to any IDEA Exchange purchase, providing you with additional help from IDEA’s EDI experts. A custom package will be created based on an initial consultation. This can include:

  • Onboarding Benefits
    Discovery and design, installation configuration, customizations, testing and launch.
  • Day-to-Day Management
    Program manager as a single point of contact, continuous system management and monitoring, issue resolution in as little as an hour.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Modifications necessitated by usage changes, client-specific enhancements, close collaboration between managed services and product marketing/engineering.

À la Carte EDI Services

Short-term project-based services that companies can purchase as needed including:

  • EDI Mapping/Translation Services
    Remove the need to own and support EDI translation or mapper software (a $45K expense). IDEA creates custom document translation maps on your behalf, adhering to EDIPro guidelines and/or your specifications, deploying them through the IDEA Exchange.
  • Managed AS2/FTP Connections
    IDEA can host a dedicated AS2 or FTP connection on your behalf to address the EDI needs of your trading partners that don’t use a VAN (e.g. large retailers). If any issues occur with the hosted connection, IDEA will identify and address the problem, guaranteeing that all documents are delivered securely.
  • Trading Partner Implementation
    Outsource the set-up and implementation of new EDI trading partners with unique requirements. IDEA obtains profile information from your trading partners, assesses their EDI implementation requirements, and conducts end-to-end EDI transaction testing using trading partner production data.

Key Partnerships


AD has chosen the IDEA Exchange for their EDI needs over a decade. IDEA offers AD members discounted rates and incentives for the IDEA Exchange, saving members an average of 20% on their EDI bill.

IMARK Group, Inc.

IDEA partners with IMARK to educate their members on the business value of automation and offers members discounted rates and incentives for the IDEA Exchange.


IDEA provides EDI services and incentives to NEMRA and their members through the IDEA Exchange.

X12 standards product electrical


As a member of the Accredited Standards Committee X12, IDEA represents the wholesale industry’s needs on the X12M committee, which focuses on EDI transactions specific to our supply chain.

IDEA Exchange saves
time and reduces errors
for Allen Harris

He’s Director of EDI – Shared Services Team,
McNaughton-McKay Electric Co.

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I recommend IDEA Exchange. The customer service is great, and it is owned by the industry. If you have any type of issue—they’re on it—working with you step by step until the issue is resolved.

Les Johnson headshot

Les Johnson

CIO and Senior VP of Information Technology, North Coast Electric Company

The EDI processes we’ve established with our partners have definitely saved us time and money. Even better, we’ve had very few issues and rarely need to call for support. The IDEA products we use just work.

Robert Herring headshot

Robert Herring

Womack Electric & Supply Co.

We’ve had excellent uptime and we've found they're quick to respond. Overall, IDEA Exchange offers high support levels at a competitive price point.

Timi Pieretti

Former IT Director, Affiliated Distributors