Automated Product Content Auditing, Scoring, and Monitoring for E-commerce Websites

Improve product listings with immediate product content visibility, analytics, and competitive intelligence from IDEA Insight, powered by Content Status. By seeing how product pages appear to customers on e-commerce sites, subscribing manufacturers and distributors can easily create, review, and evaluate product content appearance. 

Create Optimal Buying Experiences with Better Product Content

Manufacturers need to know their product pages are live, complete, accurate, and optimized on trading partner websites. Distributors need instant content visibility, insights, and guidance to deliver an easy, intuitive buying experience to end users.

In partnership with Content Status, a fully automated auditing solution, IDEA Insight will validate product content for completeness, accuracy, and site search optimization.

With product page visibility and content guidance from IDEA Insight, you can:

  • Confirm product content is complete, compelling, and contains the proper keywords 
  • Ensure appropriate use of all data and content
  • Gain competitor insights for benchmarking

“By being able to audit and benchmark digital content, IDEA Insight is able to help manufacturers and distributors become more competitive online and make better decisions. Manufacturers will be able to take control of their digital assets and help distributors provide a better buying experience for their customers.

—Larry Stern, President, Standard Electric Supply and IDEA Board Chair

Insights on Product Page Content Improves the Entire Supply Chain

IDEA Insight provides a clear view of all product page content, so manufacturers and distributors can audit, improve, and monitor content faster and easier. 

Manufacturer Benefits

  • Evaluate product pages on distributor and retail sites to identify content improvement issues and opportunities
  • Compare live websites vs. master data in IDEA Connector
  • Benchmark and score each distributor and/or product category to assess content quality
  • Consistently monitor content on distributor sites to track changes, address new issues, confirm brand consistency
  • Access competitor data, including share-of-search, to improve the findability of your products and conversion rates
  • Perform sentiment analysis

“IDEA Insight is able to help electrical manufacturers and distributors become more competitive online and make better decisions. This can help manufacturers like us take control of our digital shelf and help our distributors provide a better buying experience for end users.”

—Tracey Thompson, Product Data Manager, nVent

Distributor Benefits

Improve your customers’ experience and gain a clearer perspective on your product pages and categories. In addition, compare with national retailers and big boxes to identify any gaps in your product content.

  • Product data evaluation and monitoring
  • Competitor benchmarking and monitoring
  • Conversion improvement opportunities
  • Product content completeness evaluation for manufacturers and/or product category

See What IDEA Insight Can Do for You

IDEA Insight is exclusively available to IDEA customers as an additional subscription. This service provides automatic access to each company’s specific IDEA Connector product content, the ability to audit many sites, two levels of support, and industry-based scorecards.

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