March Newsletter

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  • Impact of the Harmonized Data Model-based IDEA Connector
  • IDEA Insight Discovery Program Webinar
  • Wayne Pipe & Supply’s Journey with EDI Managed Services
  • IDEA Exchange wins Industry Enablement Award from Loren Data
  • How Elliott Electric Eliminated EDI Headaches with IDEA EDI Managed Services
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Impact of the HDM-based IDEA Connector

Following-up on the announcement last month that the Harmonized Data Model (HDM)-based IDEA Connector is now live, we wanted to share more about how HDM allows for consistent, normalized product data throughout the channel.  Listen to Dante Urzi, Schneider Electric, talk about how this initiative isn’t about any single distributor or manufacturer, it’s a group effort to boost efficiency across the board, and how this collaborative spirit is reshaping the industry, making ‘better together’ a reality. View the full HDM & IDEA Connector playlist on IDEA’s YouTube channel and get involved as an HDM Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Join Us for a Webinar on April 3rd

IDEA Insight Discovery Program: Your Quickest Path to Better Product Content and Ecommerce Success

Unlock the secrets to content optimization in our upcoming webinar, where we delve into our IDEA Insight Discovery Program. Join us as we guide you through defining your content pain points, setting goals, and revealing a program that unlocks immediate insights, allowing you to optimize your content strategically and stay ahead of the competition.

Wayne Pipe’s Journey with EDI Managed Services

Wayne Pipe & Supply, Inc., a leader in plumbing and industrial supplies in Northeast Indiana, transitions to IDEA EDI Managed Services, enhancing efficiency and reliability in their mission-critical B2B communications. 

IDEA Exchange Receives Industry Enablement Award

Recently, IDEA was awarded the Industry Enablement Award during Loren Data’s Town Hall Meeting.  Linda Moore, Director, Sales & Marketing at Loren Data, shared the following, “We extend our sincere appreciation to IDEA and recognize [IDEA’s] efforts on enabling the electrical and plumbing industry on ECGrid during 2023. We look forward to working with IDEA through 2024 and beyond.”

How Elliott Electric Eliminated EDI Headaches with IDEA EDI Managed Services

Discover how Elliott Electric streamlined its operations by outsourcing its entire EDI process to IDEA EDI Managed Services. From facilitating communications with trading partners to mapping, IDEA’s managed services took over every aspect of EDI management, freeing Elliott Electric’s IT team from needing in-house tools or expertise. Learn more about IDEA Exchange Managed Services

Did you miss our recent EDI Managed Services: What’s Right for Your Business? webinar?

Watch the recording here.

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