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We collaborate and innovate with top-tier technology and business
organizations so our customers always receive the best value.

Technology Affiliate

IDEA invites technology organizations that support the wholesale industry to become connected to IDEA as a Technology Affiliate. Technology Affiliates receive exclusive benefits and participation privileges in IDEA events and initiatives. To learn more about becoming a Technology Affiliate, please email

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Conexiom revolutionizes critical sales and accounting business practices by automating manual entry with 100% accuracy. Conexiom converts emailed and printed customer purchase orders and supplier invoices into automated sales orders and invoices. IDEA partners with Conexiom to ensure this data is converted into electronic data interchange (EDI) so that all transactions can be tracked and stored by the IDEA Exchange.


EnterWorks® Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution enables companies to acquire, manage and transform product information into persuasive content that drives higher sales and new competitive strengths through e-commerce Web, mobile, print and various electronic channels. Services offered include: Master Data Management, Product Information Management, Dynamic Data Modeling, Workflow & Collaboration, Syndication & Publishing, Digital Asset Management, Geographic Localization, Portal Content Exchange, and Digital Channel Accelerators.


DATAgility is an experienced on-boarding partner that delivers quality data sourcing and enrichment services, powerful analytics, data normalization, score-carding, and unique synchronization services. DATAgility helps companies complete all the prep work needed to ensure their systems and processes are ready to receive product content from the IDEA Connector.

Digital Business Architects (DBA)

DBA has been a leading provider of GDSN Data Synchronization services and solutions for over 15 years and has implemented hundreds of customers. In fact, they were the very first Implementation Services Alliance Partner to be certified by GS1 US (UCCnet at the time). IDEA refers customers to DBA as a preferred GDSN data synchronization service provider.

Distributor Data Solutions

Distributor Data Solutions

DDS was started by Dale P. Holt, founder and owner of Codale Electric Supply, Inc. for 38 years. They leverage cutting-edge data technologies to aggregate, enhance, normalize and deliver the best product data available for eCommerce experiences. DDS helps companies add to the product data obtained from the IDEA Connector to complete their eCommerce websites.


ElectricSmarts provides the electrical industry with web-based marketing, eLearning, and eCommerce services. They populate their Smart eCat catalog with product data directly from the IDEA Connector. IDEA’s distributor customers have access to the Smart eCat module, which can be added to their websites. Manufacturers who authorize Smart eCat in the IDEA Connector increase the visibility of their products on distributors’ websites, and in estimating systems and mobile apps used by end users.

Faxinating Solutions Inc.

FSI is an e-commerce and EDI Service Center that provides electronic data exchange services and portals for trading partners that want to transact with one another without investing in complex infrastructure. Since 1991, FSI has devised new ways for companies to automate and streamline their supply chain. FSI’s e-commerce services also include the Premiere FAX/Email-to-EDI and EDI-to-FAX/Email service in e-commerce, integrated EDI software solutions, Web-Services and Portals, catalogue management tools, ERP integration, EDI outsourcing, application-to-application integration services, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI or XML), and accompanying professional outsourcing and development services.


Informediate’s software tools support growing, small-to-mid-size wholesale distributors. They provide robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, business intelligence tools, and consulting services. IDEA partners with Informediate to integrate the IDEA Connector and IDEA Exchange with their technology solutions.


Built for B2B, Insite Software meets the needs of manufacturers and distributors with robust core functionality and capabilities, while offering the breadth and flexibility to serve companies of all sizes.

Insite Software offers three main products flexible enough to solve for many B2B needs: InsiteCommerce, InsitePortfolio, and InsiteAnalytics.

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Liaison Technologies

Liaison Technologies provides integration and data management solutions to help customers unlock the power of a data-centric approach to their business. Liaison’s ALLOY™ Platform powers the IDEA Exchange. The platform’s any-to-any translation capabilities, best-in-class mapping software, built-in data security, and ability to handle data from all sources in any format helps wholesale industry professionals strengthen partner relationships and provide better service to customers.


Americans spend over 100 hours a month on their mobile phones. Most of that time is spent in apps and text messaging. Are you ready to do business with your customers and prospects where they prefer to spend their time? One way or the other, Moblico has you covered.

Moblico is a marketing technology company with turn-key mobile and digital experience solutions designed for independent wholesale electrical, HVAC, and plumbing distributors.

Our solutions are designed to help your company acquire, engage, retain and monetize your customers anytime, anywhere. Discover how distributors are leveraging mobile apps, text and picture messaging and digital mobile advertising to take their businesses to the next level.



Snap36 is the leading rich product content solution for retailers and brands, enabling them to improve consistency and trust during the online purchase experience. Rather than using traditional photography processes, Snap36 efficiently automates image capture using innovative robotic equipment and workflow software. Additionally, they provide production equipment for organizations that have their own studios.


Thomas Network

For 120 years Thomas has served the needs of manufacturers of complex B2B products to reach their audiences with the right product information to get specified and sourced. With the legacy of the Thomas Register at our back, today’s Thomas is a data, platform, and technology company that has become the leading resource for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) manufacturers wanting to deliver rich, configurable product information to their design and construction clients. Our expert team will assess your target audiences, cleanse and consolidate your product data, and help you deliver multiple formats of CAD & BIM, all dynamically generated from a single, easy to maintain a database on your website.

TrueCommerce Datalliance

TrueCommerce Datalliance, part of TrueCommerce, optimizes product inventory needs through services such as vendor managed inventory (VMI) and collaborative replenishment. These services are made possible by TrueCommerce Datalliance’s complex algorithms, and the facilitation of EDI transmissions between suppliers and purchasers.


XOLogic is a product data company focused on providing multi-channel commerce solutions (online, in-store, and in-field) for wholesale distributors and product manufacturers in specialized industries throughout North America. XOLogic and IDEA partner to offer a cloud-based web storefront solution that is integrated with both the IDEA Connector and XOLogic’s lighting database. This connection establishes a single source data solution for both electrical and lighting data.

Industry Alliances

We partner with associations, marketing groups, and service providers to ensure our applications and services deliver the highest level of value to their members and clients.

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AD is North America’s largest marketing/buying group for construction and industrial supplies with more than 550 independently owned members representing 3800+ branches. The electrical channel product data for AD’s eContent Service program is powered by the IDEA Connector. IDEA also offers AD members discounted rates and incentives for the IDEA Connector and IDEA Exchange.

Data Masons

Data Masons makes EDI simple for ERP systems with tight integration and compliance management services. Specializing in Microsoft Dynamics and Macola integration, Data Masons EDI provides an end-to-end EDI and eCommerce processing platform with seamless integration and predictable ownership costs for cloud or on-premise environments, without disruptive ERP platform customizations.

Electro-Federation Canada (EFC)

EFC is a not-for-profit association of electrical, electronics and telecommunications manufacturers and distributors in Canada. EFC and their members collaborate with IDEA to incorporate Canada’s unique requirements into the standards.

ETIM standards global

ETIM International

ETIM International, a not-for-profit organization, formed as a joint effort by European countries to develop and maintain the ETIM classification model. In 2015, IDEA became an official member of ETIM International, representing the US and Canada as ETIM North America, and is developing a North American adaptation of the model for use by our domestic and global customers.

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GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains the most widely used global standards for efficient business communication. They are best known for the barcode, named by the BBC as one of “the 50 things that made the world economy”. Member Organizations such as GS1 US help ensure that GS1 standards create a common language that supports systems and processes across the globe. IDEA represents the wholesale industry’s needs as a member of GS1 US and a participant on GS1’s global standards committees.

IMARK Group, Inc.

IMARK Group, Inc. is a member-owned marketing group made up of over 830 independently owned electrical distributors throughout the United States. IDEA partners with IMARK to educate their members on the business value of automation and offers their members discounted rates and incentives for the IDEA Connector and IDEA Exchange.

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National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)

NAED is the trade association for the $70+ billion electrical distribution industry with more than 5100 member locations internationally. IDEA was founded in 1998 through a partnership of NAED and NEMA members, and NAED publicly endorses the IDEA Connector as the preferred source of manufacturer product and pricing information for NAED member companies. New NAED members receive discounts for the IDEA Connector as well.

National Electrical Manufacturers Association logo

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

NEMA represents nearly 350 electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers at the forefront of electrical safety, reliability, and resilience, as well as efficiency and energy security. IDEA was founded in 1998 through a partnership rooted in the collective leadership of NAED and NEMA members. NEMA publicly endorses the IDEA Connector as the sole preferred source for member companies’ product information.

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 NEMRA is an association of independent manufacturers’ representatives. IDEA provides EDI services to NEMRA through the IDEA Exchange and will be working with them to align our two Point of Sale transaction standards


UNSPSC product standards


The UNSPSC, managed by GS1 US™, is an open, global, multi-sector standard for classifying products and services. IDEA, on behalf of the wholesale industry, is responsible for maintaining the product categories that pertain to our industry’s products.

X12 standards product electrical


 X12 is an organization, chartered by the American National Standards Institute, to develop and maintain EDI transaction standards. IDEA represents the wholesale industry’s needs on X12’s Supply Chain committee.