Unique Products & Services
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IDEA knows the challenges of companies large and small, because we were created for the industry by the industry. Since the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) established IDEA in 1998, we’ve been servicing distributors and manufacturers with product data syndication and EDI (electronic data interchange).

4 Unique Products and Services to Select From


IDEA X-Check℠, sponsored by NAED, features cross-references, product relationships, and keywords for more than 750,000 products from 835 different manufacturers (and counting). Boost sales, decrease lost revenue, save time, and increase average order values by offering alternative products around the clock with minimal upfront expense to your business. If your business is not utilizing up-selling and cross-selling, you are leaving money on the table. Amazon reports up to 35% of its total sales comes from product recommendations. IDEA X-Check improves online shopping experiences by displaying information relating to accessories, upgrades, and parts associated with a given product. With 1MM+ one-to-one cross references and more added daily, you can keep buyers engaged on your site and compete against online giants.  More Information


IDEA OrdrTrak℠ streamlines information exchange across manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, distributors, and contractors. With a unified platform and single login, IDEA OrdrTrak facilitates the efficient viewing and sharing of order status, product inventory details, product specifications, and pricing information. This minimizes manual efforts, reduces response time lags, and contributes to significant industry-wide cost savings. More Information


When you outsource operations to an EDI managed services provider you trust, you eliminate compliance fines, EDI operational costs, overhead, and expensive searches for increasingly elusive EDI professionals. You’ll also gain a partner with an in-depth understanding or your business, processing rules, and trading partner requirements as well as a primary contact to share daily reports and insights for ongoing optimization. More Information


IDEA Exchange℠ is a complete EDI solution for manufacturers and distributors, powered by a worldclass VAN and an expert support team on call to solve technical problems or manage your entire EDI operation. In our 20+ years in EDI, we’ve encountered many complex challenges: companies demanding a fortune in implementation fees, EDI-trained staff retiring with no replacements, and trading partner EDI requirements increasing in complexity. Our team takes a consultative approach to build, customize, and support EDI services and solutions. Even if you’ve been told an obstacle is preventing EDI implementation or improvement, we will work with you to develop a solution for a lot less upfront costs than you might think. More Information