Up-sell and Cross-sell with NAED X-Check

X-Check is the most comprehensive product relationship database in the electrical industry. With X-Check, distributors can digitally suggest related products and up-sells automatically.

Maximize ROI in every sale

If your business is not utilizing up-selling and cross-selling, you are leaving money on the table. Amazon reports up to 35% of its total sales comes from product recommendations.

X-Check houses product recommendations, including:

  • Accessories: Products that make the core product more useful
  • Replacements: Obsolete parts replaced by new parts
  • Obsoletes: Products no longer made
  • Upgrades: Good/better/best and upgrade relationships
  • Related products: Products that are compatible
  • Similar products: Products with the same function

Help customers find the products they need — fast

X-Check can find obsolete or discontinued items that have been replaced with new items, and also recommend special tools that may be needed to install a part. If a customer requests an out-of-stock or obsolete product you don’t carry, your website can automatically display a suitable in-stock substitution that has the same fit, form, and function.

Get up and running in no time

X-Check offers tailored configurations that easily integrate into your ERP system and e-commerce platform, allowing your sales team and customers to view cross-references with just a few simple keystrokes. You can go live in a matter of days—not months—with minimal IT involvement. Implementation is straightforward and training your staff on how to use the data is intuitive and easy.

X-Check is easy to use on an ongoing basis:

  • Scheduled digital downloads
  • Custom-tailored exports
  • IDEA staffed implementation and support team

“X-Check is a great resource for out-of-stock items. It redirects users to a screen that lists all the available substitute products. They don’t even have to think about it. No more digging through catalogs or going out to search for the products on the internet.”

Phil Hale — CIO, Elliott Electric Supply

Never miss a sale with X-Check.

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