How Manufacturers Can Streamline Data Loading & Make B-Views Error-Free

by Gail Mayo, Senior Data Quality & Standards Specialist, IDEA


“What is the best way to load B-Views into IDEA Connector error-free?”

Need Help

Errors can be frustrating and time-consuming. There are two paths you might want to consider, depending on your team’s resources. First, it’s important to let you know that IDEA Connector can take your data in any format through IDEA Pro Data Services. This means your company has other options than loading the B-View documents, which I’ll discuss in more detail later.

Another option is the “B-View Training Course” that helps manufacturers navigate template creation. This online course reviews each of the templates and outlines the mandatory fields. Each template contains an example of what a manufacturer can provide to IDEA Connector.

This course is in the IDEA Learning Portal; if you don’t have credentials, please reach out to the IDEA Customer Success team. If you need additional help, consider using your company’s service hours to have an IDEA customer success expert work through the issues with you.

IDEA is committed to making it easier for you to do digital business. Working with IDEA’s Pro Data Services is the newest option available to our customers and provides a “white glove” experience while still being affordable. Many manufacturers have decided to extend their team by having IDEA Pro Data Services load their product data directly from raw PIM files. 

Our team wants to help you develop a process that works best for your team. Reach out and tell us about your syndication data workflows.


Gail Mayo, Senior Data Quality & Standards Specialist, IDEA