EDI Managed Services: What’s Right for Your Business?

In today’s dynamic and competitive eCommerce landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and streamline their supply chain processes. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) managed services have emerged as a pivotal solution for achieving these objectives. 

Join Tom Guzik, IDEA Director of Digital Integration Services, and Paul Waters, VP of Systems at Colonial Electric Supply, for an engaging webinar as they delve into the complexities of outsourcing EDI and help you navigate the decision-making process.

Our experts will explore the following discussion topics:

  1. When does outsourcing EDI make sense?
    Identify factors signaling your company’s suitability for outsourcing.
  2. How to build an ROI analysis for cost reduction through outsourcing?
    Learn essentials for a robust Return on Investment analysis.
  3. Crafting an effective proposal: In-house vs. Outsourcing
    Gain insights into building a compelling proposal, even if outsourcing costs more.
  4. Cost Reduction vs. Robust EDI Service: Is outsourcing the key?
    Evaluate scenarios where outsourcing enhances both cost efficiency and EDI service.
  5. Metrics for Informed Decision-Making: Outsourcing vs. In-House
    Understand the metrics to determine when outsourcing makes more sense.

View the on-demand webinar to gain valuable insights and strategic guidance on optimizing your EDI processes.