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  • Revolutionizing Supply Chains with Smart Life Cycle Strategies
  • Acuity Brands Joins IDEA OrdrTrak
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  • Micro Learning Courses Available in the IDEA Learning Portal
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Revolutionizing Supply Chains with
Smart Life Cycle Strategies

The Role of Item Status Codes in Achieving Optimal Sales & Inventory

With supply chain disruptions becoming the norm, identifying a product’s life cycle stage is more important than ever. No longer just a logistical necessity, Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) is a strategic asset that puts manufacturers’ brands in front of customers and ahead of the competition. Accurate life cycle coding empowers distributors to stock and sell more products with targeted marketing and precise product inventory.

Acuity Brands Joins IDEA OrdrTrak

Acuity Brands, a leading provider of lighting and building management solutions, is excited to announce its collaboration with IDEA OrdrTrak℠, a universal portal designed to enhance manufacturers’ connectivity with their agents, distributors, and contractors. Through this partnership, Acuity Brands aims to optimize order management processes and provide real-time access to order status and finished goods inventory information. 

“We are excited to welcome Acuity Brands to the IDEA OrdrTrak platform,” said David Oldfather, President & CEO of IDEA. “Together, we are revolutionizing the way manufacturers connect with their stakeholders, offering a seamless and efficient solution to meet the evolving needs of the industry.”

Acuity Brands invites manufacturers to join them in leveraging IDEA OrdrTrak to create stronger relationships with agents, customers, and suppliers. To learn more about the benefits of IDEA OrdrTrak, schedule a demonstration.

On-Demand Webinars

Have you missed any of our recent webinars? Not to worry, they’re all available on-demand! Click on any of the images below to view the webinar.

Short on time? The IDEA Learning Portal has just what you need – micro courses on a variety of topics that deliver targeted knowledge and skills in a short amount of time.  Explore what is available:

  • How to Fingertip Edit Product Data – This micro course offers detailed instructions and short video clips on functionality to support editing product content directly in IDEA Connector. The feature is extremely useful to manufacturers for IDEA Connector roles which support product maintenance.
  • Data Integrity Hub – This new micro course provides detailed instructions and short video clips on how to review the data integrity case submitted by your authorized trading partner, add a message, download an attachment, and respond to the case.
  • B-View Import Template – Available now in the IDEA Learning Portal are individual Micro Course Learning course on B-View Import templates. Login to the IDEA Learning Portal to review these new courses today.
  • AuthorizationsLogin to review the new micro courses on manufacturer authorizations.