Share or access product and pricing data to or from manufacturers.
Share or access product and pricing data to or from manufacturers.

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IDEA Connector is a Master Data Management (MDM) platform that enables distributors to securely access accurate and timely product and pricing data directly from manufacturers.

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The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)  formed a joint venture corporation, Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA), to establish industry eBusiness standards, facilitate eCommerce, and solve problems in the supply chain.  Both organizations endorse the IDEA Connector SM as the preferred source of manufacturer product and pricing information.

Better data quality

IDEA helps thousands of manufacturers and distributors find the most cost-effective methods for running day-to-day business. Our application suite enables manufacturers to share accurate and complete product information—quickly and securely—and automate business processes with all their trading partners.

Our applications enable distributors to automate daily tasks, confidently display product catalogs from anywhere, and compete with national chains—making your life easier, your partners happier, and your business more profitable.

Variety of data loading options

Power your sales efforts with industry-supported product data that is easier than ever to load. A new update will feature an updated data function with fewer requirements. 

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Standardized data in one platform

Manufacturers’ product data is validated with industry eBusiness standards to ensure quality and consistency. This enables you to speak one common language with your suppliers, eliminating errors and reducing time wasted on reformatting content. 

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Data validation to improve data quality

Provides accurate and timely product and pricing data in one centralized location and in your customized electronic format.

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Control who has access to your data

Coming Soon! Communicate authorization approval directly with your trading partners. An easy-to-use widget helps track pending and completed authorizations.

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Strengthens relationships with trading partners

Quickly and securely share accurate and complete product information, and automate business processes with all your trading partners.

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Integrated extract and mapping tool

Coming Soon! This time saver enables you to select the data and format you need quickly.

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Power search tools

Find the information you need with expanded search of fields and criteria.

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Tailored compliance scores

Coming Soon! Quality score the data you need most.

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John is the EVP of Sales and
Market Development at
Legrand North America


The quality and structure of data is going to drive future business. It’s one of the most critical things for our industry, and the IDEA Connector is on the strongest path.

Sheila Hernandez

VP, Marketing, Summit Electric Supply

IDEA helped fully synchronize Eaton’s product information so that any changes or updates to the business system are automatically pushed out to our trading partners through the IDEA Connector. Publishing new product information couldn’t be simpler.

Samer Shehadeh headshot

Samer Shehadeh

Digital Commerce Growth Leader, GE Energy, formerly with Eaton’s Electrical Sector

The IDEA Connector product data is used by our accounting, pricing, purchasing—and definitely—our sales department. Ultimately when we have better data, the better we can sell a manufacturer’s product.

Rick Fehr

Pricing manager, United Electric Supply

Our eCommerce initiative is constantly moving—it’s not a static landscape—by the time the information is populated, it changes again. That’s why it’s so important to have a direct manufacturer product data stream.

Eric Sywenki headshot

Eric Sywenki

Electronic Business, State Electric