Get to Know Marie-Hélène St-Jean

Name: Marie-Hélène St-Jean, Product Line Coordinator / Data Integrity

Company: ABB Inc.

Years in the electrical industry: 7 years

The Harmonized Data Model (HDM) is a single data model supported by NAED and NEMA that unifies multiple product data standards in IDEA Connector to support several syndication formats. We would not be able to accomplish our goals without guidance and support from members of the HDM Product Expert Task Force.

Q & A with Marie-Hélène St-Jean

What inspired you to pursue a career in the electrical industry, and how did you get started?

The electrical industry is ever evolving with new technologies and advancement constantly emerging. This provides ongoing opportunities for learning and professional growth. I enjoy the challenge of staying updated with the latest trends and acquiring new skills.

Current Role responsibilities as it relates to data:

I ensure that we keep high level quality and accuracy of our product data and marketing assets. By doing so, the online information is being used for our platforms, as well as providing our distributors the best information they need for their own web sites.

Statement about data management philosophy:

A good philosophy about data management revolves around principles and practices aimed at ensuring the effective and ethical handling of data throughout life cycle.

What you like about working with IDEA?

From customer service up to management, the quality of service has always met our expectations. IDEA has always answered the call when needed, making sure to go the extra mile.

How has your experience helped you as an SME?

Having some data knowledge definitely helped understanding the verbiage during different meetings/trainings. It allows us to understand the context within the data as well as identify any possible anomalies or inconsistencies. The knowledge is also helpful to validate the conclusion from the data and identify the potential limitation and offer additional insight.

How have you or your company benefited from being a part of the HDM initiative?

IDEA included the manufacturers before implementing the changes. We felt involved in the process and I know for a fact that our comments have been taken into consideration.

If someone is thinking about joining, what advice or encouragement would you give them?

IDEA is a great data platform. With everything acting as a one stop shop there is no need to go into multiple places. The HDM initiative will also help a lot in harmonizing information from different manufacturers. 

What are some of the latest trends and technologies in the electrical industry, and how have these impacted your work?

The impact: it created my role within the team. With that being said, overall, E-Commerce has significantly impacted product data management by requiring efficient management of large volumes of product data, centralizing information, enabling real time updates, enforcing consistency, enhancing the product experience, enabling personalization, and integrating with other systems. Successful product data management in an E-Commerce context is essential for delivering accurate, consistent, and compelling product information to customers, ultimately driving sales and customer satisfaction.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing the electrical industry today, and how do you see these being addressed in the future?

Promoting seamless data integration across systems and customers is a challenge and I believe using standardized data formats and protocols will facilitate data exchange.

What do you find most rewarding about working in the electrical industry?

Electricity is used across the world and impacts just about every aspect of our daily lives. You can turn on a light switch or use an electrical outlet and be confident that ABB’s products safely, reliably and sustainably connect and protect you all the way from the utility line to your home.

Any other comments that would be helpful to highlight you and/or your company?

ABB’s Electrification-Installation Products division, we power and protect the world through reliable electrical products in sustainable ways. Our purpose is why we are in business. It expresses who we are, how we operate and why what we do each day is vital to power our world – safe, smart and sustainable way. Our purpose is composed of five following pillars: innovating for 125 years, partnering to improve tomorrow, from electric source to socket, empowering our people and helping communities.

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