IDEA Connector application for Distributors
IDEA Connector application for Distributors

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IDEA Connector is the premier Master Data Management (MDM) platform that allows electrical channel trading partners to securely share accurate product information from a single source like never before.

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Accurate and Timely Product Information

IDEA Connectorsm ensures product data is complete, accurate, up-to-date, and in line with the industry’s highest expectations.

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Data Source Transparency

All the content within the IDEA Connector is specifically categorized to provide maximum transparency regarding where the product data comes from.

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Quality & Consistent Standardized Data

The product data in the IDEA Connector has been scrubbed and validated against wholesale industry eBusiness standards to ensure quality and consistency.

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IDEA is now offering Pro Data Services to complement our existing IDEA Connector Customer Support Services.

    • Custom Training Courses
    • Special Projects
    • Consulting Services
    • Integration Services
    • Custom Mapping
    • Data Loading Services
    IDEA has invested millions over the past two years to develop a next-generation digital product experience platform. IDEA engineered IDEA Connector to support industry data standards, facilitate rapid information exchange between trading partners and increase digital sales in the electrical channel. With this significant investment, we added new services to serve our customers better.
    IDEA can add more bandwidth to your team. Our experienced staff can handle your projects— simple or complex—to save you time and money.
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    Access IDEA’s experienced technology solutions team to overcome your electrical industry challenges and give your products more exposure through eCommerce.
    Work with a partner who has already “been there, done that.” We’ve developed the next-generation digital product platform. We are ready to help customers solve their most complex business challenges.
    Maximize your investment and stay ahead in today’s competitive market. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services that align with the IDEA Connector.
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IDEA Connector enables
Lura McBride's sales team
to easily share accurate
product information

She’s Chief Operating Officer,
Van Meter, Inc.

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The product data in the IDEA Connector drives our business system and is critical to increasing our profitability. Without the IDEA Connector, we’d need 3 to 4 times more staff internally and the data still wouldn’t be as good as what we get from Connector.

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Jeff Skiles

Director of Strategic Pricing, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply

IDEA Connector is our sole source of product information. Our sales management all rely on product data being as complete as it can be. There’s a very direct relationship between having good data and how smoothly our business runs.

Ted Whitson

MIS Director, Stanion Electric

The IDEA Connector provides an efficient model to capture each of our manufacturer’s data in one place right at our desktop. They've helped us build relationships with our suppliers so that we can get the data we need to keep our customers happy.

Joe Wallace

Van Meter Industrial