The Industry Built IDEA. Now Let IDEA Build You
The Industry Built IDEA. Now Let IDEA Build You

The Industry Built Us.
Now Let Us Build You.

IDEA provides manufacturers and distributors with the tools
they need to effectively manage daily operations—resulting
in lower costs, higher profits, and more satisfied customers.

Established in 1998 by the National Electrical Manufacturers
Association (NEMA) and the National Association of Electrical
Distributors (NAED), IDEA’s origins are rooted in the electrical
industry’s most influential organizations, meaning we are equipped
to service all parts of the supply chain: from manufacturer to
distributor to end-user. (Not electrical? We can still help.)

Our mission is to be a single source of complete, high-quality
data that allows businesses to make the best decisions possible.
Paired with outstanding customer service, we want to empower
businesses to know that they can take that strategic leap forward
with new technology with the support they need.


Connecting the Supply Chain

Manufacturer to Distributor to End User

As the official technology service provider and eBusiness standards body of the electrical industry, our applications help connect the supply chain—from manufacturer to distributor to end user—and make business processes efficient, easy and enjoyable for people every day. Not electrical?  IDEA can still help you improve your business.

Industry Supported

As the joint venture  of NAED and NEMA, we continue to set the standards within the electrical supply chain. Our applications, tools and services now extend across a broad range of industries including electrical, industrial, retail and consumer-packaged goods. 

Who We Serve

IDEA helps distributors compete with national chains and find the most cost-effective methods for running day-to-day business. We provide the product data you need to sell through web storefronts, mobile apps and traditional methods so you can meet rapidly-evolving buyer expectations.

We help  manufacturers bring products to market in  cost-effective ways to running day-to-day business more effectively.  We provide manufacturers a one-to-many connection so you can strengthen trading partner relationships and differentiate products while lowering operational expenses.

eBusiness standards drive synchronization; synchronization drives efficiency.  Our applications are built on a strong standards-based foundation to help trading partners speak one common language.

A Look at the Numbers

IDEA’s impact is significant and growing. We’ve had continued success
in the electrical industry, and the numbers bear us out.

But it’s not just about facts and figure. Each number represents thousands of satisfied customers and thriving businesses. Will you be the next success story?


Over 301 distributors are using IDEA Connector at over 8,700 locations


Over 2.2 million SKUs in IDEA Connector


Over 105 million kilo-characters per year with over 24 million EDI transactions flowing through the network on the IDEA Exchange platform